IMPORTANT: PC Setup & Training is not responsible for lost data for any situation beyond our control.  Such situations may include, but not limited to, hardware failure, corruption due to faulty software and/or malware, corruption caused by electrical failure/surge, and more.
We take every precaution we can to ensure your files are safe.  Unfortunately, we can't control everything.

Data Services

We offer a variety of services including:
Data Backup to media of your choice. We will help you to create a backup of important files. We recommend a checkup prior to service to determine how much data you will need to backup.  Once we know the size of the backup we can recommend the best options to strore your data backup.  For those with 10 GB or less, there may be some free storage options we may recommend.

Data Recovery (in-store service and/or 3rd party)
For inaccessible drives such as non-bootable computers, hard drives, USB drives, etc.
Often data can be recovered from systems that are not working.  We offer in-store services for most basic recovery.  This generally covers over half of the cases we see. If the job gets really complex, we also partner with Advanced Data Recovery who are able to provide clean room options, secure recovery for highly sensitive data, and more.
Storage drive is not included.  Once we determine the amount of data being recovered, we can make recommendations for a storage device. If you already have an adequate storage device, bring it in. We may be able to add the recovered/backup files to your own device to save you money.

Data Transfer from one PC to another
For when you are replacing a system and need all of your important files copied from one system to another.
NOTE: Both systems must be operational.

Data Protection service (in-store service only)
This is a low cost service used in our shop to backup your files during service.  Computers can be unpredictable.  Systems can crash without warning, even under the best conditions.  For this reason we want to ensure we do everything we possibly can to ensure your irriplacable files are safe.  User files such as documents, pictures, music, videos, and more will be saved.  Should there be any complications during service, we will be able to restore your files.
Note: Please ask an associate for details, and risks, when performing this service.