Anytime your system will not boot into Windows, we need to find out why.  We use PC Doctor to can track down a wide variety of issues quickly and accurately.  PC Doctor is the same tool trusted by many manufacturers and technicians to diagnose hundreds of system errors.
Advanced testing for less common power issues
Extended Hard Drive test
Test Motherboard and CPU
Extended RAM test
Extended Graphics test and performance test
Visually check and test USB ports and Network connections
Test system Audio
Test LCD Display (laptops and all-in-one PCs)
Many more tests completed as needed
Price quote for recommended repairs
While diagnostic tests are required to properly pinpoint the cause of many system errors, there are always risks involved.   Please ask a technician about the risks for your particular service should you have any concerns.
Troubleshooting by PC-Doctor
Some diagnostic tests may require disassembly to individually test specifc components to more accurately pinpoint specific hardware issues. NOTE: due to the added stress that may result from detailed Hard Drive testing, we may recommend our Data Protection/Recovery service to backup important files prior to testing.  This is a recommended safety in case of potential hard drive failures.
Service includes: