Virus Removal
NOTE: This service also includes the Deluxe PC Tune Up to ensure ALL viruses, adware, and any other nasty bugs are completely removed.

Service includes:
Complete scans and removal of viruses using multiple utilities and methods.  (Our competitors typically use one utility that will often leave parts of the virus behind to cause problems.) When you go to a doctor for an illness, they don't have one pill that fixes everything.  The same goes for computer viruses.  They vary in complexity and design.  Each requiring a different method to repair it.
Repair changes to web browsers made by the virus/adware.
WARNING: With so many types of Viruses out there, we can not guarantee removal of every kind.  The extra efforts we make will result in a much higher success rate than our competitors.  Removing most viruses that others won't even try.  However, despite our best efforts, on rare occasions, we may not be able to remove the virus.  Should this happen, it may be necessary to attempt a backup of important data and then reinstall the system.  Again, this is rare, but we like to make sure our customers are always aware of all the dangers.