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Privacy Policy
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Your privacy is important to us!
We do NOT share ANY information about you with ANYONE!
That includes your name, address, email, phone number and whatever other information that we might have collected from you. We will NEVER share your info without your explicit authorization.  Such exceptions may be registration for software/hardware that you've asked us to install on your behalf.  In these situations we will make every effort to ensure the correct options are selected to decline any emails or communication from the manufacturer or 3rd party companies that could result in Spam.

We may use your email address to send you invoices, notices, occasional alerts, news, and special offers.  Emails used for any means other than invoicing, account information, or notices you will be asked to "Opt-In" for our marketing, newsletters, or other promotional mailing lists.  We do not send messages often, usually only once or twice a month.  Note: This "Opt-In" is NOT granting us permission to share your information.  We are commited to helping you to keep Spam out of your Inbox.  It is ONLY for receiving the messages from PC Setup & Training.

Special notice in regard to using our Remote Service:
When using our remote service, we safegaurd your information against unauthorized use.  The remote system is a secured network maintained by LogMeIn to prevent hackers from getting to your private information.  Only authorized technicians are allowed access to your system. Technicians will NOT access ANY files on your system that are not required to complete service(s) requested.  Please note that all file access can be observed by you. You are able to watch the entire service, every mouse movement, window opened, and file accessed.  Any password you may provide for the sole purpose of completing your requested service will NOT be recorded. We will never ask for passwords that would allow the Technician access to highly sensative information such as Bank accounts, Stocks, or other financial software/services.  For security, we recommend that you remain near your computer during any service that may require access to such software/services so that you may enter passwords directly.  Bottom line, we don't need to know, we don't want to know, we shouldn't know any passwords that might allow access to any private information.  Should you have a Windows password that is required to be entered when booting your computer, you WILL be asked to enter that password into a special password box that we open on your screen.  When you enter your password in this box it will be hidden.  PC Setup & Training and our technicians will NOT know what you entered.  It will be used by our remote system to automatically log in the computer in the event of a system reboot during service.  Furthermore, the password is not saved.  Once the service is complete, our system will no longer have access to your computer without your direct permission.